The Konix Multi-system Games

Here are the know games that were either in development for the Konix Multi-system or had been planed to be. Some have screen shots from magazines and some have videos provided with kind permission of Jon Dean (the guy that actually filmed them). Please don't distribute or re-produce these videos as they remain Jon Dean's Copyright.

Tunnels of Doom - Attention to Detail published by Konix Software

Tunnels of Doom

It's my belief that Tunnels of Doom was going to be one of the best games on the KMS. The game has unfortunately slipped under the radar when it comes to the list of games known by most people to be in development for the KMS. The name was there for all to see, it had been mentioned before - but not much was known about it.

Tunnels of Doom (working title) looked as if it could have been a very significant game. It's only when you absorb all the circumstantial evidence and start analysing it that you see that this game could have been as significant as the Wipeout franchise is…

Tunnels of Doom

The video attached shows the only images of the game either moving or static that I've ever seen - and even then you have to watch very carefully to get some idea of what it's about. The video has been presented as a blooper reel - something to be laughed at as the developers mess up their piece to camera, however it's only on close analysis that you begin to see what potential this game had. The graphics presented on the monitor are just as fast and vibrant as one of Jeff minters games like Tempest or a VLM - add to this the comments from Jon Dean regarding comparisons to Wipeout and the different control options and finally the fact that two people would have been able to compete by linking two KMS's would have led to an exhilarating game played the way one of these games should be played - not the way Wipeout is played slouched on a sofa tethered to a joypad.

To me this had killer title written all over it. It's a shame the concept never made it to market, even on another system, but it was certainly a viable project, and having come from a simple tech demo knocked up by Fred Gill of ATD as a proof of concept, it is all the more impressive. The concept was sold to another company but sadly we didn't see it materialize into a game - Jon Dean recalls "They [ATD] had work in progress on TUNNELS OF DOOM but it was in its early stages. I subsequently sold the idea to MIRRORSOFT and we were creating it for a bunch of systems - but when Robert Maxwell went swimming, that as the end of Mirrorsoft, and we eventually gave up on TUNNELS." It's sad to see this one get away.

He also went on to say "TUNNELS OF DOOM would have been a killer app too; fast, very colourful, could have been controlled differently using any of the system configs and would have been a dream in the chair; in game style, it would most closely resemble WIPEOUT that came many years later."

The press release:

TUNNELS OF DOOM (development title) (Expected APRIL '90)

Original, futuristic race game that marks a major step
forward in computer game technology...and fun. Further details to be announced closer to product launch. Hook two Multi-systems together for the ultimate race! Also works with Konix Power Chair. Written by Attention To Detail.


Sorry - none to be found anywhere, but please do watch the videos to get a feel for what it may have been.