The Konix Multi-system Games

Here are the know games that were either in development for the Konix Multi-system or had been planed to be. Some have screen shots from magazines and some have videos provided with kind permission of Jon Dean (the guy that actually filmed them). Please don't distribute or re-produce these videos as they remain Jon Dean's Copyright.

Super Ski Simulator - Microids

Super Ski Simulator

Oh the irony! Could this be the same game as Eddie Edwards Super Ski also published by Microids? If it was then it would have been an embarrassing association with the British 'lead eagle'.
I can't think of a more unfortunate endorsement for a game to appear on the ill-fated KMS. What else? A Jamaican bob sleigh simulator?

This game however does neatly fit the sports category…

If this game was to utilise the Ski peripheral that Wyn mentioned, then there would be some form of reprieve for the game. I can't see it standing up on its own merits though. No know pictures of the KMS version of the game exist, the shots I've seen so far are from the C64 and Atari ST version. Would this game have looked any good? Well it's hard to say really, I think the KMS may have been able to render the snow quite well with 256 colours available, the blue grey white of snow may have come out quite well. The ST version looked fit for purpose at least.

Eddie Edwards was an infamous British ski jumper (Britain isn't famed for it's ski resorts). He achieved some fame back in the day for trying hard despite all odds. I'm desperately trying not to draw a parallel with Eddie Edwards and the KMS - but I can see some people making comparisons between one British failure who against all odds and with great media attention attempted to take on the world and failed thus becoming a bit of a laughing stock. Sure you shouldn't knock people for trying and he had a good go. But in sport, you can't compete against people who have the facilities and years of experience behind them hoping that you can beat them unless you are blessed with a rare natural talent.

If you're talking about launching a machine then this is a different prospect - Britain wasn't incapable of designing a games machine - it had a long history of successful home computers and a wealth of talent in all fields from electronic design to programming to entrepreneurial skill and product design. The KMS may have been the first console - but it wasn't much of a departure for Britain away from what it was good at.


Super Ski Simulator - Image 1 Super Ski Simulator - Image 2

It's not been so easy finding screenshots of this game - believe me I don't want to start downloading emulators and illegal (I don't own the games myself) ROMs to take the images. If anyone can supply me with images then that would be great.

As such, these images are from the ST version. Again, nothing the Konix couldn't have handled - spotting a common theme yet?