The Konix Multi-system Games

Here are the know games that were either in development for the Konix Multi-system or had been planed to be. Some have screen shots from magazines and some have videos provided with kind permission of Jon Dean (the guy that actually filmed them). Please don't distribute or re-produce these videos as they remain Jon Dean's Copyright.

Head Invaders - Attention To Detail

Head Invaders

Although this doesn't appear to be listed as a commercial game, and due to it's simplicity, it's probably unlikely that it was ever going to be released for sale, that doesn't change the fact that I still would have wanted to have played it.

It looked like good fun (not so much the simple space invaders style action, but the sense of anarchic fun involved in blasting Sir Alan Sugar or Clint Eastwood or Michael Jackson or Marilyn Monroe or even Laurel and Hardy, and finally Wyn Holloway himself. I believe (but can't confirm) that another head was System 3's Mark Cale. I await correction!

Head Invaders - Konix Multi-system

What this game does do though is neatly tie in the images from the Art video which showed the Tools ATD had created for developers to produce the art resources for their games, and a practical application of those resources by way of a game.

At the time (believe me - I was there) it was quite impressive to see quite large sprites consisting of photos of famous people. By today's standards, it's not difficult or impressive, but once the resolution and colour depth had improved on home micros, any recognizable image from a photo or video capture was better than looking at 4 pixels moving around a screen.


The Konix "Head Invaders" - Image 1 The Konix "Head Invaders" - Image 2

The Head Invaders game was put together to show off the Konix's ability to make use of digitised graphics in the form of large sprites in a simple game. It's surprisingly monochromatic though - I'm not sure if this is just a creative choice, or if it's for technical reasons.