I'd like to thank the following:

I have gone to every effort to seek permission to use the materials presented within this website. I have attempted to seek permission to use the information and have generally been granted permission. No-one has so far denied me permission to use anything or asked me to remove anything.
This site wouldn't be half the site it is if not for the following contributors who have helped enormously and have been very generous with their time and effort. Thank you guys (purely in alphabetical order):

Martin Brennan

Jon Dean

Keith Goodyer

Neil Beresford

Dylan Cuthbert

Savoury SnaX

Frank Gasking

Simon N Goodwin

Chris Green

Dave Collier

Christian Pennycate

Nick Speakman

Graeme Kidd

Craig Vaughan

Paul Hughes

Paul Neal

Chris Walsh

Chris Southgate

Michael Baxter

Martin Green

Steve Logue

Brian Pollock

Fred Gill

Mevult Dinc

Olivier Boisseau

Wyn Holloway

Andy Mucho

Geoff Philips