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This section is offered to allow you to gauge the mood of the press regarding the Multi-system at the time and after it's demise.

If the magazine is still in print, I have offered nothing other than the front cover and a link to the website of the publisher so that you can go and buy it. If the publisher has the ability to reproduce an out of print magazine, but don't choose to offer it for sale, then you should press them to re-print it as a back issue.

About the magazines

ACE magazine majored on the Konix, they produced very technical reports (as was the nature of ACE) - it was a more serious magazine than it's contemporaries, much like EDGE is these days.
ACE really did set the benchmark for reporting the technical details of the machine and reporting what the developers were up to.

The Games Machine (TGM)
The Games Machine were also very keen on the Multi-system, they had a slightly less technical slant (but still more technical than others), but were equally keen to give it column inches. They charted the progress of the Multi-system from it's glorious birth to it's embarrassing death.

Computer and Video Games covered the Multi-system via a number of double spread pages. They did seem very excited by the Multi-system, but seemed to exercise more restraint than the others. Also, it wasn't as technically biased in it's reporting as the others, but then, it had a very particular demographic.

This American magazine took a keen interest in the fact that the Multi-system was a British console. EGM Magazine had described the Multi-system as "A toilet seat with handle bars" which came to be a commonly used term to refer to the machine. And they say Britain suffers from too much toilet humour...

Zero magazine were certainly positively interested in the Multi-system, giving it a double page spread in their first issue. I don't have any other copies of Zero so I'm unsure how they covered the rest of it's lifetime - maybe you can help?

Edge magazine for those not in the UK or US is the most serious magazine available to the public - it is unfortunately also a bit too self-aware and likes to bring style and high art into the mix - maybe it's just the pragmatic Engineer with no real design flare in me, but it would be nice to just be able to read the content sometimes that's hidden amongst the fancy layouts and sometimes illegible typography.

Micro News
A bit of an oddity this one - it just turned up on a random eBay search for Konix. I hated learning French at school and later went on to learn Japanese so I can't be bothered to try to translate it.

Retro Gamer
Ah, what can I say - a great magazine then and a great magazine still. I was gutted when Retrogamer published Craig Vaughan's excellent article for two reasons - 1) Because I was always going to create this website - I may have done it about 5 years before that article, but didn't pull my finger out so they beat me to it. And 2) - It's actually a bloody good article that told me stuff that was a revelation to me, and I was possibly the most voracious consumer of Konix info. Still it spurred me on to go a slightly different route and try to compliment Craig's excellent article, and with contributions and help from Craig, I think we've got it mostly covered from every angle.

Popular computing weekly
A trade magazine - great source of news.

Excellent magazine, I buy two gaming magazines a month without fail - Edge because I feel I need to, and Games™ because it's a bloody enjoyable read (especially Kongetsu and the Retro section)