The March of Time

Every time I revisit the website to add a magazine scan that someone has kindly donated or to spell check or proof read (don't laugh), I'm often reminded how distant the threatened launch of the Konix now is. Of course, I'm not the young, excited kid I once was - eagerly awaiting this machine, but even now this thing is so far behind the technical progress of what we have today that it feels stupid writing any of these articles with reference to today's technology for the purpose of comparison.

I looked at some pages recently where I was making comparisons about contemporary machines, and I've realised that even now those machines have become the last generation's machines. Graphics just keep getting better, new control methods are developed and refined all the time, computing power is exploding and storage capacity is more than abundant - heck, abundant doesn't even come close. Coming from a time when 16K of RAM and coloured graphics were a genuine selling point, the wealth of storage (which some how still isn't enough) is beyond my inner 14 year old's wildest imagination.

So, in an attempt to keep the writing somewhat less dated than it instantly becomes when I dare to name-check a current games machine or gaming franchise, I think what I'm going to do is clear out any references to technology relevant at time of writing and make sure that I don't specifiy dates since - and on that note, here's a scary thought: