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Konix Slipstream Emulator

Download the Konix Slipstream Emulator v0.1 for Microsoft Windows

OPEN AL Installer

Download the OPEN AL Installer (required for sound)

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Konix ROMs

Download the Konix 88-89 ROMs (Including Attack of the Mutant Camels '89 and the Head Invaders game)


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Multi-system ROMS
The currently available Multi-system ROMs

This will be where the most up-to-date versions of files will be hosted. Keep checking back here or the news page for updates.

About the Emulation of the Konix Multi-system

Thanks to the article in Retro Gamer magazine, a programmer called Savoury SnaX stepped forward and rose to the challenge of creating an Emulator.

He began working on emulating the Robocod source code - starting with a few test programs that existed within the software repository we had been given, he built an emulator capable of producing an emulated Blitter and DSP output.

Just when he was getting his teeth into tackling the full game - the Holy Grail dropped into our laps from right out of nowhere - Attack of the Mutant Camels 1989. This didn't come from Jeff Minter, but from another source.

We immediately dropped Robocod for the game EVERYONE wanted to play for 20 years.

Robocod comes from somewhere between the 8086/88 era Konix Multi-system and the 386 MSU era implementation of the Multi-system and as such has been modified, so some restructuring of the initial implementation was needed. The emulation was constructed carefully one instruction at a time. Various parts of the system were programmed as and when the software needed them in order to run - and not before. When the native 8088 code asked for things, they were provided, and when calls to various Blitter and DSP functions were expected, they were provided.

A few wrinkles were ironed out and adjustments were made and we now have a playable Konix Multi-system Emulator!

With Jeff Minter's blessing, we are allowed to distribute the game along with the emulator and the source code for Jeff's game with his permission.

The previous state of Konix Emulation was not hopeless, but without the two games we now have and a few test programs that the developers created to check the dev-kits and compilers, it would have been a very academic exercise. Now, the emulator isn't being written against some optimistic technical reference document which doesn't cover the sort of bugs, errors and undocumented features (a nice way of describing a bug with positive effects) that a system enjoys, it's being written to run real code.

The future of Konix Emulation

Now we have some test programs from the Flare One, the Z80 Konix Multi-system era, a game from the 8088/86 era, and a game from the latter MSU era. I think it's safe to say, given some more work, that we will have an emulator that is capable of running almost any code from any era in the Konix Multi-system's existence.

Just take a moment to think about that - it's mind boggling really! We will be capable of running any game for the Slipstream chipset that may turn up in the future, AND given that the Emulator Programmer had to write an Assembler to make a binary file of AMC'89, we also have the tools to write NEW games for this machine that never existed previously... WOW!